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For over two decades, Patrick Jacques has been an emblem of unparalleled legal prowess, renowned for his tenacity in both criminal defence and immigration law. As a member in good standing of both the Barreau du Québec and the Law Society of Ontario, Patrick isn’t just a seasoned lawyer but a fervent advocate for justice and the rights of all individuals.

His unparalleled contributions to the legal community have not gone unnoticed. Patrick has been the recipient of the esteemed Meritas award from the AADQ, a prestigious acknowledgment reserved for those who’ve showcased exceptional legal work. This recognition wasn’t merely for routine legal endeavors but for his pioneering work in a Supreme Court of Canada case—a case that profoundly influenced the civil liberties of Canadians. The Quebec Court, echoing the sentiments of many, characterized his involvement in this landmark case as exceptional.

But Patrick’s legal odyssey doesn’t end there. He’s the visionary founder and manager of both and After securing his law degree from the esteemed Université Laval and Ottawa University in C.L, Patrick delved deeper into the nuances of immigration law at Queen’s University in Ontario. His dedication to bridging the gap between criminal law and immigration became even more evident with the inception of—a platform he envisioned to assist individuals grappling with criminal charges, refusals, or extradition notices owing to their criminal backgrounds.


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Professional Affiliations

  • The Canadian Bar Association
  • Barreau du Québec
  • The Ontario Bar Association
  • Association des Avocats de La Défense de Quebec
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Bridging Immigration &
Criminal Law In Your Favour

Patrick Jacques is a seasoned legal professional boasting an impressive career spanning over two decades. With a laser focus on immigration and criminal law, Patrick has honed his expertise to deliver unparalleled legal guidance. In the intricate field of immigration, he has adeptly assisted clients in reuniting with their families, pursuing rewarding employment opportunities, and navigating the complex path to permanent residency.

On the criminal law front, Patrick’s track record is a testament to his skill and commitment. From cases involving impaired driving to complex legal matters, he has consistently delivered exceptional results for his clients. His courtroom experience extends to appearances in the Supreme Court of Canada, underscoring his prowess in the legal arena.

In every case, Patrick Jacques brings a wealth of knowledge, strategic insight, and an unwavering dedication to protecting the rights of his clients. When you choose Patrick as your legal advocate, you’re selecting a professional with a proven history of success and an enduring commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes in your legal journey.

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Aggressive Defense Strategies

With an illustrious career spanning more than two decades, Patrick Jacques stands as a beacon of legal excellence in the realm of criminal law. A member in good standing of both the Barreau du Québec and the Law Society of Ontario, he is not just a lawyer but an advocate committed to justice.

Comprehensive Criminal & Immigration Service

When charged with a crime, the road to staying in Canada seems closed off. We know how to keep that road open. While we are busy zealously defending your criminal charges, our team will use its combined expertise in both criminal and immigration law to get you the best possible outcome.

We Move Fast to Help You Resolve Your Case

We understand this is the most stressful time of your life. That’s why we push ourselves (and the government) to make changes to your immigration status as soon as possible.