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Facing a charge of theft or robbery can be daunting. Investigation and arrest are more than unpleasant experiences. They can impact every aspect of your life and cause hardship and embarrassment to your family. Although you have the right to represent yourself in a criminal charge, you should consider hiring a skilled theft and robbery lawyer as soon as you know you are the target of an investigation. Having an experienced criminal defence lawyer by your side is not just comforting; it helps police, prosecutors, and judges stay within the constitutional and statutory bounds of their authority and opens options.

Your life and your family’s future depend on making the right decisions when you are caught up in a criminal investigation. The right decision is to arrange for a free consultation with Patrick Jacques when you are confronted with a criminal charge of theft and robbery in Québec. Patrick Jacques brings over twenty years of experience to representing clients in the criminal courts. That experience, combined with his knowledge of the law and procedure, makes his representation strategic, compassionate, and fearless.

No one wants the stigma of a criminal conviction for theft or robbery. Protect yourself and your family with effective defence counsel early in the process.

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What is the Difference Between Theft and Robbery?

Theft and robbery are distinct and separate criminal offences in Québec. Theft is intentionally taking property—tangible objects as well as money and services—that belongs to someone else. To commit a theft, one does not need to interact directly with the owner of the property. The degree of the theft is determined, in part, by the value of the property stolen. $5000 is the defining value.

Robbery is theft of property taken directly from the person and involves intimidation, force, or coercion. Because of the threat of physical harm, robbery is ordinarily a more serious offence. Using a weapon during the commission of a robbery can escalate the degree of the criminal charge. Robbery can result in a life sentence in prison.

There was a general decrease in crime during the pandemic. However, crime in Canada is on the upswing as life returns to normal. Minor theft is up 10 percent in 2022. Robbery is up 15 percent.

Whether charged with theft or robbery, your first decision should be hiring a Québec City Theft & Robbery Lawyer with experience and savvy. Your first decision should be hiring Patrick Jacques.

What are the Possible Consequences of a Theft and Robbery Charge?

The punishment for a conviction for theft of property valued under $5000 might be imprisonment for up to 2 years. For a summary conviction, the punishment is up to 6 months in jail and/or a $2000 fine.

Theft of property valued above $5000 is an indictable offence with possible imprisonment of up to 10 years.

If a firearm was used during the commission of a robbery, the minimum sentence is four years. If a restricted firearm was used, even a first offence might bring a minimum sentence of five years. A second offence requires a seven-year prison sentence. Using a disguise will add another year to any sentence.

But imprisonment isn’t the sole consequence of a criminal conviction. Many aspects of your life will be affected by the stigma of a criminal conviction. Your ability to work, obtain a professional license, get a bank loan, and support your family might be diminished. Your immigration status might be challenged. And with a criminal conviction, your ability to legally enter the United States will be curtailed. So much is on the line when the authority of the Crown catches you up in a theft or robbery investigation. Don’t try to navigate the system alone.

The Importance of Choosing a Skilled Québec City Theft & Robbery Lawyer

If you have been accused of theft or robbery, you find yourself facing the Crown, with all its authority and ability to investigate, develop evidence, and subpoena and interrogate witnesses. To protect yourself, you need a skilled defence lawyer experienced in this area of the law.

You need a defence lawyer with extensive experience in theft and robbery law, which includes knowing the rules of police and court procedures. You need a lawyer who understands how to ensure that government authorities treat you fairly and within our Constitution and Charter of Rights & Freedoms. You need your lawyer to be familiar with individual police officers and their tendencies, to be a tough negotiator, and to know how to maneuver in a courtroom in front of a judge and jury. You need Québec criminal defence lawyer Patrick Jacques.

To prepare an effective defence in your case, Patrick Jacques will review the evidence, the actions taken by the police, the methods they used to gather evidence, and any witness testimony. Then, he will use this information to develop a plausible narrative that introduces reasonable doubt into the Crown’s version of facts and events.

A credible defence will be based on the particular facts and circumstances of your case and will generally involve:

  • Staying on top of the Crown to make certain your defence is provided all the evidence in their possession as promptly as the law demands
  • Examining hard evidence, such as photos, texts, and other documents
  • Reviewing DNA evidence, ballistics, forensics, and any other scientific analyses
  • Carefully scrutinizing witness testimony for errors or contradictions
  • Obtaining any available new evidence that will damage the credibility of police, any victims, and other potential witnesses
  • Exploring witnesses’ backgrounds and circumstances to discover facts that may impugn their reliability, such as a history of drug or alcohol impairment, statements inconsistent with the physical conditions of a site, or lighting that may have been inadequate for them to see what they claimed to have seen
  • Inspecting police actions for any failure to follow Canadian and provincial law or our Constitution and Charter of Rights & Freedoms in their activities
  • Skillfully using all the available information to develop a believable narrative that creates reasonable doubt in the Crown’s story

Why Choose Patrick Jacques as Your Québec City Theft & Robbery Lawyer

Patrick Jacques has been protecting the rights of defendants like you in theft and robbery cases for over twenty years. In addition, he has a proven record of successful negotiation, a special ability to challenge witnesses and government authority, and a well-deserved reputation for intrepid and ethical defence of his clients.

If you have been accused of theft or robbery, choose the personalized, compassionate representation of Patrick Jacques by calling 418-880-0694 or emailing today to arrange for a free consultation.

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