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If you are facing criminal charges or a criminal investigation, you should immediately contact a skilled Québec criminal defence lawyer.

Québec City Criminal Defence Lawyer Patrick Jacques has over twenty years of experience defending clients within the Québec criminal courts. The police know him, as do the prosecutors and judges. His reputation, experience, and knowledge of the law and criminal procedure are all impeccable and ready to serve your legal needs.

A criminal record will haunt you for the rest of your life, perhaps interfering with your ability to get a job and affecting your marriage, your children, your education, where you live, and your ability to travel outside of Canada. If you are an immigrant in Canada, a criminal record could affect your legal residency.

Too much is at stake to pretend you can navigate the criminal justice system without a skilled and experienced criminal defence lawyer by your side. That representation should be a combination of fearlessness and compassion. And you will find that fearless and compassionate combination in Patrick Jacques.

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Criminal Defence Cases Patrick Jacques Defends

Over more than twenty years of practice have developed experience defending clients in Québec from a variety of criminal charges. For any criminal prosecution, he will rigorously examine the police record to determine the propriety of any investigation to ensure compliance with the Canadian constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms, negotiate with the Crown prosecutors to resolve the charges with the least adverse effect on you and your family, and when necessary, defend your rights in a full trial before a jury of your peers. Québec City Criminal Defence Lawyer Patrick Jacques has considerable expertise in defending clients charged with:

Impaired Driving: Loss of driving privileges has an immediate and devastating impact on your ability to go to school, get to work, and care for your family. Canadian and provincial law requires that you submit to a roadside assessment of your capacity to drive, including a breath test and motor coordination.

Sexual Assault: Allegations of sexual assault can wreck a marriage or other relationship and result in a criminal record that will interrupt your career and ability to travel.

Drug Offences: Charges can range from simple possession to trafficking, importation, and manufacture. When plagued by addiction, there are alternative measures available to divert you from the criminal justice system into recovery and rehabilitation.

Drug Possession: Possession can be for personal use due to addiction or possession with intent to sell. The investigations leading up to these prosecutions often involve use of undercover agents, informants, and wiretaps. Defence includes a thorough examination to make sure that the police acted within the constraints of the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Drug Trafficking: Among the most serious of drug charges because of severe mandatory minimum sentences that will be enhanced if firearms and weapons are involved.

Firearms & Weapons: Firearms are closely regulated in Canada. Prosecutions include failure to register legal firearms and possession of illegal firearms and other weapons.

Youth Criminal Charges: A youthful offence needs to be properly handled to minimize the impact on future opportunities by prescribing guidance and counselling rather than punishment as the main objective.

Murder / Manslaughter: Taking a human life, with intent to kill or in the heat of the moment is the most serious of all criminal offences with significant prison sentences.

Theft / Robbery: Taking another’s property from them directly is robbery, otherwise, it is classified as theft.

Assault: Any unconsented touching is illegal and can happen at home, in the workplace, and in public.

The Importance of Choosing a Skilled Criminal Defence Lawyer

When the Crown apprehends you for a criminal offence, you face the daunting resources of the police and the courts, with their power to investigate, obtain evidence, subpoena, and interrogate witnesses.  You need a skilled, caring criminal defence lawyer with vast experience protecting clients accused of crimes.

Your Québec City Criminal Defence Lawyer should have a thorough understanding of the law and criminal procedure, awareness of police tactics, knowledge about individual police officers, and confidence in the courtroom in front of a judge and jury. In addition, an experienced defence lawyer should have earned the respect of the Crown, police, and judges to help ensure that the government behaves properly and within the limits of our Constitution and Charter of Rights & Freedoms. Québec criminal defence lawyer Patrick Jacques possesses just such skills and experience.

The Crown will have its version of events that led to you being charged with a crime. Your defence depends on creating reasonable doubt about that version. For example, the meaning of physical evidence may have more than one interpretation, and any witness testimony against you can be challenged for credibility. To mount an effective defence, your lawyer must examine the evidence, the actions taken by the police, and the methods they used to gather evidence to develop an alternative, plausible account that introduces doubt into the Crown’s version of what happened.

A credible defence is based on the particular facts of each case and often includes:

  • Making sure that the Crown provides all evidence assembled in their possession in a timely manner to defence counsel
  • Examining photos, texts, and other documents
  • Reviewing ballistics, forensics, DNA and any other scientific analyses
  • Scrutinizing witness testimony and delving into witnesses’ backgrounds and circumstances to discover facts that may impugn their reliability. Was their judgement impaired by alcohol or drugs? Was lighting adequate for them to see what they have stated? Is their testimony plausible based on the actual site where the incident took place?
  • Assembling new evidence that will undermine the credibility of police, possible victims, and any other witnesses the prosecution may call
  • Reviewing police activities to make sure they followed Canadian and provincial law, the Constitution, and the Charter of Rights & Freedoms in their methods for interrogating witnesses, gathering evidence, and other activities
  • Based on these efforts, skillfully organizing and using this information to mould a strategy and tactics to create reasonable doubt

Why Choose Patrick Jacques as Your Criminal Defence Lawyer?

During his distinguished career as a defence lawyer for more than two decades, Patrick has used his skills and knowledge of the law to work for his clients accused of crimes. A dogged negotiator and a shrewd interrogator of witnesses, Patrick Jacques has earned a reputation for fearless and ethical defence of his clients.

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